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"Man’s love for words is his first step toward ignorance, and his love for definitions the second. The more he analyzes, the more he has need to define, and the more he defines the more he aims for an impossible logical perfection, for the effort at aiming for logical perfection is only a sign of ignorance." - Lin Yutang


Sometimes I long to be in the woodpile,
cut-apart trees soon to be smoke,
or even the smoke itself,

sinewy ghost of ash and air, going
wherever I want to, at least for a while.

Neither inside nor out,
neither lost nor home, no longer
a shape or a name, I’d pass through

all the broken windows of the world.
It’s not a wish for consciousness to end.

It’s not the appetite an army has
for its own emptying heart,
but a hunger to stand now and then

alone on the death-grounds,
where the dogs of the self are feeding.

'Hunger for Something', by Chase Twichell


burned out

Welch, WV

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